day 30

29 Jun

The love that filled day 30 was immense. I still cannot find the words for it, but it was a beautiful experience. This project is about so much more than Mikaela the Artist, and yet that’s precisely what it is – just me and my painting honestly saying hello.

Please let me know if you have photos from closing night, and keep checking back because I will have a film of the closing posted soon. ALSO, I am going to continue to post updates on my process via my normal blog: Mikaela Sheldt: the process and the making.

The 30 days are over, but by no means am I done inviting you into my process.  Thank you for a beautiful 30 days and for sharing in my process. It has made all the difference.


One Response to “day 30”

  1. Bill Burgess August 31, 2011 at 10:42 pm #

    Michaela…Wow! What a great ride, today. Your spirit shines all about you. How lucky for me to run into you in just a completely serendipitous moment. I loved looking at your work and your friends and mates. Although tension is an ubiquitous part of my life, for a short moment today I had none.

    Thanks, Bill

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